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We Love What God has called us to.

Over the course of summer and throughout the year, young people from all over Washington County and Hancock County (and beyond!) flood to the BYC campus. We are located at 9 Baptist Road in the rural
Maine town of Charlotte, where we are blessed to have over 75 acres bordering Lake Pennamaquan.

Daily we provide recreation opportunities, creative expression, intentional fellowship,
contagious laughter, as well as daily time in God's Word, the bible, and honest times of worship!
The Spirit of God is evident at BYC and as a result many hearts are changed through the powerful
message of the gospel, and all are encouraged to live every part of their lives for Christ.

BYC History

BYC Ministries began operating in the 1940’s, and
received its certificate of organization as a corporation in
December of 1946. Since that time, BYC has been
faithfully serving the children and families of Washington
and Hancock Counties (and beyond) with a decidedly
Christian camping experience.

Many changes have occurred during BYC’s nearly 70 year history, however, the essential purpose of the Camp, as stated in the original charter, remains the same: “…to instruct and train…in loyalty to the Word of God…” Today, BYC offers a variety of biblically based, Christ-centered camping and retreat opportunities for children and adults. Recent and ongoing facility improvements have contributed greatly to the quality of BYC’s programming.

Every year, a significant number of youth recognize the power of God and their need for Christ at BYC, and even larger numbers are inspired to renew their commitment to Him. BYC is a non-profit, charitable organization owned and governed by the Maine American Baptist Churches of the East Association.

What's in store for campers and guests?

There are many things in this world that distract us
from what is truly important. At BYC we give attention
to what we should focus on - Jesus Christ!

Through adventure, laughter, fun, enjoying God’s
majestic creation and fellowship together we will seek to
Experience Christ. We will spend time in God’s word as
we grow in our understanding of what it means to "set
our mind on things above" every day of our lives.
As we seek the power of God each day,
our lives will be changed!

God is awesome and we can't wait to see
all that will take place this summer at BYC.


Youth, Families and Adults!

There are a variety of options for families
and adults including several retreats and strategic
events throughout the year.

Some of these take place on campus, while
others happen in area churches.

These events are a
valuable part of the BYC ministry.

Our goal is to assist
many in experiencing Christ.

You may check the schedule page for more information.


What about health and safety?

Our beautiful camp provides a range of safe and
healthy camping and retreat opportunities.

Regular summer camping is offered for
children grades 3 - 12, and includes:

Supervision by trained staff members.

On site health services provided by a
certified nurse 24 hours a day.

Meals are prepared by qualified food service personnel,
in a newly upgraded kitchen and dining facility.

Waterfront activities such as swimming, canoeing, and
kayaking under the supervision of certified life guards.


How do I sign up?

You can click here and see the camping schedule and
follow the links there to register online or through the
mail. Once we receive your forms and deposit we will
mail or email you a welcome packet that will include a
list of things to bring, a health form and consent
form. See you at BYC!

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BYC offers scholarships to families in need.
We strongly believe that every young person should have the opportunity to go to camp!
To request a scholarship, please complete this form: Camper Scholarship Form


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